Coders drinking Coffee with Cause

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It’s quite simple, Five Senses has a special batch of backroom beans which will be turned into coffee by the efforts of Ron and the cohort at Maven Espresso at $2 a cup or $4 a filter.  The least we can do is support Coffee with Cause‘s noble endeavor especially as proceeds go towards girls education in India.

So it’s simple, all welcome, we’ll be meeting in the Raine Square food court at Midday on Saturday the 30th of March.  If you need to figure out where Raine Square is, check out this link.  Then we drink coffee, if we decide to do a coffee crawl both SRO and Mo Espresso will be on the hit list.  But hey, @sutto and @sonictail are playing things by ear.

And we accept no responsibility for light feet, heart palpitations or the belief that you can code the next facebook, see you there ^_^