Report on Three Day Work Session

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Quick Report, Wraggs and I finished the three day work session on Saturday Morning.  I’m just finishing up the last bits and pieces of the documentation but I am pleased to report that we have worked through ALL of the following.

1) Start drawing up state transition diagrams for AI and game states (this will be helpful when we interact our characters with the game engine. what do we need to do and how? new character is in prison, breaks out, finds treasure room, etc….
2) A description of the Game architecture. Basically what was mocked up last semester except this semester there has been quite a few new additions. Skydomes, view frustum culling for entire scenes, CLOD mesh generation, Lua, Gui Interfaces etc. I’d like a detailed description of everything, including what each topic is. By reading the code you’ll be able to know what I’ve done (the comments are enough)
3) Need to have animation. So Chris start getting a wriggle on with those characters. I’m not too fussed about the Cells or anything like that or as a matter of fact, anything to do with animation now that I think about it since we already have it.
4) Gameplay: Ok, we wont be able to get what you guys desired at the end of this project. It will be impossible from my understanding. Instead we’ll go with the simple I’m a hero youre a bad guy, you die etc.
5) Mock up some stuff for NPC AI using the finite state machine. I also want documentation on its states etc (just as above).
6) Game Design Document. Completed (mostly) and reflecting the students workload (A summary workplan of what was set out and what was done. Basically just look back week by week and note what we did each week for every lesson of GET we went to… shaders, lua, fsm, etc)
7) If the above is completed in satisfactory time then we can maybe pursue other avenues which will make you guys more happy.

Oh, Did I mention that we also set milestones and re-engineered the gameplay idea to be a} Simpler and b} a step between basics and the final version.   Also the game works fine on higher end computers, we borrowed one to compile and run and it ran fine on the geforce, but my radeon still craps itself.


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