Quick “State of Game Pride”

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What’s happening here?

Well, Wraggs, Michael and Myself finished up GET with flying colors, some more flying than others. Mike’s doing honours, Wraggs is finishing up uni and in theory i’m graduating. The final project didn’t come together as planned, engine held us back {but damn, did it look good!}. But now we’re licking our wounds and moving on.

Game Pride has reformed, Sami has moved on and we now have Josh, John and Wraggs joining the team with Paul supporting us from Greece. We need more mans and more movement, but we’re currently working on a 2d platformer in Torque called “JellyCat” which you’ll be seeing more of, and quite a lot of right now.


And on a final note, I’m off to the Game Developers Conference in Feb. I received a scholarship through the IGDA and i’ll be getting into massive debt and possibly a leg up. Look out for more updates through this website on Jellycat and GDC!


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