Playtesting and Bug Fixing

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Hey Guys,

Boo’s due date is next weekend and as such we’re going to be doing a very short bout of playtesting and bug fixing.  This is planned to start on Monday the 26th of and finish Thursday the 29th of October.  These will only find the most obvious flaws and isn’t made for really fine tuning.  And right now I need to make a list of people for thispirate ship jumper.  So here’s the haps;

Playtesting: This will be taking place in person with a small group of people in one on one sessions.  I plan on organising this for Monday and Tuesday (26th and 27th respectively).

Bug Fixing: We give you a copy and get you to go for broke, recording the bugs you find.  You would have four days from the Monday.  I am especially interested in using Google Wave for bug tracking across a group of people, but will be accepting bugs through more traditional means 😉

If you’re interested in either please contact me through usual means or better yet email

p.s: meet boo!  isn’t he awesome?

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