Orange Maps

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I have the Half Life 2 – Raising the Bar book now, but to see what i’m talking about when I say “Orange Maps” please check out this:

Names, Oh yes those bloody names

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We need something to call this wonderous game, something that will invoke awe.  But i’m coming up blank so lets take on suggestions.  I’m all for “SOMETHING – The Adventures of Tom Flint : Software Pirate” or something along those lines.  But yeah i’m completely open to suggestions.

In other news, I should be getting the basic level modelling done before easter, i’m working on getting the first level complete before getting the second level done.  But one thing we need to cover is opening doors, can these be done?  It is important.

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ST’s~ Diary – How did we get through that one?

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Ok, so we’ve handed in the assessment (sans staples) so what now? I’m thinking downtime for a week to catch up with other assessments and then straight back into it the following week.  But hey I know i’m busy for a few reasons :p  My primary goal first of all is to get a block system going for the design of the building, we should not be building directly onto the map but more in a gird so that the textures will all fit together with the scale of the game.  Well more to the point we have to establish the scale first and foremost.

must remember to sit down and write rest of dialogue aswell.  I hope everyone else’s sections are coming along.

Character – Radarr

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On the pirates ship the communications officer will be in contact with you most of the game, he’s going to be radarr, you can surmise from there 🙂 However we will be getting other pirates in as they fight over the comms desk with radarr, and they’re going to be fucking useless, this is how we will probably handle the scene when you’re running to prevent the hack attack. You have a pirate giving you wrong directions cause he’s arguing with radarr!

Game Music

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I’ve spoken to Sarah about game music and she’s willing to make it for us. After discussing several different ways to do the music we settled on midi music as it’s fairly easy to do within our timeframe. She has also offered us help in using a recording studio for our dialogue, we just need to have plenty of warning and another person so we get a full four hour block (depends on length of dialogue needed).

She is going to make a single basic track, and dependent on tone the track will change, so if we need suspense, the track will slow down and add a couple more notes, if it gets comical the track will start playing ‘cococabana”

And yes paul, i have suggested “what shall we do with a drunken sailor” as a basis.  lets see what sarah will do first, but deadline is the first week of may for this.

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Completion of Design Doc

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Got this weekend off work, just too busy finishing this. Can we all try get online for Sunday and do editting/compilation. I still have a long way to go on mine, but i should be finished writing by this evening

ST’s~ Diary – Ouch, This really hurts

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Have been working on combining the chris taylor game design outline with the one provided by martin.  I am working on this design document as the level being a self contained game, but it’s meant to be a fun 30 minute romp.  should we change this focus to make it a level in a larger game?  I personally like the idea of making it like a shareware level aka the old commander keen games, complete with pixellated SEND MONEY NOW screens.

In other news, have researched machinema, hardly anyone uses doom 3, can anyone tell me why?  However have come up with excellent idea for the last remaining humans (the techs).  Have them hide in common furniture 🙂 will explain later.

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Writing a Game Design Doc

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I’ve had a quick flick through Chris Taylor’s design doc template and it seems pretty cool, though on a different path to what we’ve taken. Which is fine, because we’re making a map/mod, not an entire game – and its not an exact science anyway.

But things such as philosophy get a mention – stuff we should definitely include into the document

Way I see it currently, John is doing this sorta stuff, whereas Paul and me do the second and third section, that is, technical issues and how they feature into the design.
Any comments?

Things that need modelling

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Trying to come up with a definitive list;

Pistol + anim (fire, reload, walking, idle)
Cutlass + anim (maybe multiple swing types, walking, idle)
Hook + anim (maybe multiple swing types, walking, idle)

Armour bits (both on the character, and pickups) – pirate garb
Eyepatch – if we decide to include the funky eyepatch mode 🙂

Ship – with rails for the pirate to jump over in cutscene

“Bullets” for the pistol (pickup as ammo)

CD with extra shiney

Computer systems

We can add to this list of course.

Might also want to come up with a list of things we need textured

ST’s~ Diary – Doors and Dragons

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Have been working my way through various modding communities, but the DOOM3 modding community seems to be tiny compared to HL2.  But hey as the tutorials are in this what can you do?  I’ve been working on isometric sketches of the map as to work out our gameplan, but it should be intresting all the shame, we should at the next meeting work out a plan.

On that note, we really do need to watch what we cover and what we ignore. It’s all very well to plot out massive bosses and extensive events, but we are limited by time and personally I want to focus more on plot and humour rather than massive fights which will involve loads of scripting.

Also, how do we make opening doors?  with trim?  do we bumpmap the doorframe?