Gamejam Diary – Wed Wk1

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Well, where have we gotten. Chris and I have tightened up the idea for the mechanics, unfortunately there is only so much we can do without a working model as we need to see that the gameplay works before dreaming up shit . I guess this only helps to avoid feature creep 😉

In terms of unity, i’m three quarters through the Lerpz tutorial and ive learnt a lot, apart from some slightly dodgy respawn code. The UI is hell powerful and sadly my lack of scripting knowledge will come back and kick me in the ass.

Days like this I wish I knew PyGame.

This weekend is planned to be a massive work session to get the game to alpha, however a matching color game may morph back into a adventure game. Time will tell… However our inabiliy to make assets would prove to be our downfall in that idea. Hence why we dodged it.

Also the pitch competition shits me off, we don’t have a target to pitch to, I guess this sums up all of Nullabour. Do we go with the sprawling epic of Scott and the Space Elevator, put forward a simple casual game, something innovative using GPS or hell, JellyCat!

God Knows…

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