Thought Geoff may enjoy this

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Kumoon, the programmer built his own hysics engine and then built this game to implement it.

Also, paul, you may want to come up with some sketches of what the main character should look like, also we need keypad locks and weapon ideas.  things for you while you’re sketching.


Powerup Ideas

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Ok, ideas for powerups and items to be used during the game

  • Use of a ipod for data access / gaining health / information / listenin to nautical tunes.
  • Eyepatch for “Quad Damage” as there’s nothing that can piss off a pirate more than a poke in the eye.
  • Pirate Buckle for “God” mode
  • Pirate clothes for armour
  • Peg Leg for faster movement

Need to add more

Eyepatch: Now one idea that was discussed was the changing of screen perspective, but remember while there is the illusion of depth in videogames, there isn’t actually any depth.  Therefore I propose making it harder for the player to hit their target, possibly tilting the perspective is an idea, but we would also need to change accuracy

WorkingTitle – Basis

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Welcome to the Game Design and Development blog for Geoff Sutcliffe and Paul Geronimos. This is the area which over the course of a semester you will see development for the final project. This page will also contain random thoughts and ideas.

Basis Synopsis

“You are a SCIS student during the end of the world and your final assessment is due before getting that shiny piece of paper stating that you are indeed educated. YOU NEED THAT PIECE OF PAPER and the apoclypse isn’t going to stop you from anything. So being the hardy software pirate that you are, you jump out your window and sail off into the unknown with one task in mind. TO DELIVER YOU ASSESMENT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER”

Idea is basic, you have to navigate your way through a partially destroyed scis building with nothing but your wits, some skill and possibly a ipod. Of course with so much death and destruction you can’t simply walk down the stairs and get to the assignment slot, the path will be long and windy through many a wall and floor. But nothing shall stand in your way!