Global Game Jam 2014 – Perth Site Summary

No GravatarSo here's a quick rundown of the Perth site of Global Game Jam 2014. The point of this list is to give a quick summary for each and every game. I'm by no means fair and balanced, I mean a) there's my brother, friends, employees, long term compatriots and my significant other included amongst the jammers b) I sponsored, helped organise and participated in the jam and c) I live in Perth so I know everyone else. But hey, publishing on own blog and all that, you've been warned. For those that don't know, we had 48 hours from Friday night to create a game on the theme "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". There's plenty of more games and sites to check out at The site will still be a little slow for now. A big thanks to Lets Make Games for organising the jam, it was fun as always and we were highly caffeinated. And if you just want to explore the Perth jam site games yourself, click here.

99 Problems (and blocks are all of them)

Simple well executed puzzle game, more of a proof of concept than something with incredibly challenging puzzles but it's orange skinning levels and simple humour are entertaining for the five minute play time. Worth a look at least once.


Possibly known as Assemble, basic god game where you play a leader of people who you then teach to ransack the land, decimate the wild animals and kill the opposing team over the network. Simple, straightforward and has the scariest bison I have seen in a god game.

Carry the Fire

This game isn't uploaded yet, but fantastic looking art direction and simple game design for a platformer. Rather quite stunning, once the team gets it online definitely give this a look. Basically each button on the controller is mapped to your torch, enemies and platforms are visible when you have the right colors, run the map and light the torches! Edit: Hayden's put the game online, grab your controller and play it here!


This was pitched as a hunt for a serial killer on a train from the perspective of an older man and a young child. The art direction is fun to check out, think The Last Express crossed with PaRappa the Rapper however as this is Game Jam the plot isn't fully implemented, there's some text bugs (your fellow passengers love of tennis is amusing) and you can't get your teeth sunk into the mystery. But well worth giving a look, especially as you can play it in browser.


Simple twin-stick shooter for four local players, when you kill an enemy they leave an explosion the color of your team, any player who runs through that cloud instantly becomes a member of your team for a time span and their success becomes your points. Not fully implemented but a fun concept and pretty mental to play as is.

The Floor is now Lava

Simple game, boulder dash crossed with fantasy where you have to flick between three different characters / worlds each with different skills to work together to get to the exit. The first few levels had me puzzled and I could definitely play some more of this!


Quick, rough and dirty for the second year in a row, Team Bear Storm yet again deliver a game on theme about as subtle as a pan-galactic gargle blaster (a brick wrapped in a slice of lemon). But damn... that minigun.


Twine text-adventure game where you're lost in the desert and can't find your way out. Surprisingly bleak writing but I am assured there is a narrative high point and not just death at every turn. I have yet to finish the game without dying.


You're locked in the asylum, but your ability to possess rats, cats and birds might be your best hope of making it out of your padded cell. Really nice environments and it's amazing they pushed this Oculus Rift game out in the 48 hours.

Imminent Illusion

First time pair of game jammers knocked out a simple shooty shooty bang bang game with robots and zombies. Shoot more robots and zombies to stay alive longer, get touched by them to lose time.


Second in my "I really want to play this but can't" category (due to mac build) but the demonstration was cool. Really bleak and whitewashed alien environment where you can only see just beyond your viewing frustum. However you can "throw" a viewing bubble to see more of the world in front of you and "create" a bubble to remember what was there when you've left. No real gameplay but it looked cool.

Dwarf Squad

Four dwarfs, one controller. The idea is that four people can each move up, down, left and right on a corner of the controller. Make your way to the exit and then the second level starts throwing really confusing tricks at you where you absolutely need to work with your fellow players. I wonder where they found their four handed tester to defeat this game. And you can play in browser.


Looks absolutely great, this game deals with the designer's views on antidepressants with the player's world slowly becoming washed out and worrying with red stress. Excellent art and implementation on this project, it just appears that the team didn't manage to get much gameplay in there but well worth a walk around.


Two players in an asynchronous game where one player must hide among a bunch of computer controlled characters while an opponent tries to catch him. But each player has a slightly different viewpoint, grab a friend and give it a try!


Lysandra is a girl trying to explore the mysterious tomb she has found herself in, with some handy possession skills and some perspective swapping to solve puzzles she just might be able to make it out alive. A large amount of gameplay here and even a closing cinematic it's rather impressive what the team put together. I just wish I could figure out how to change the viewing angle.

Derp Dispatcher Saga

Derp your way across the landscape, jumping on the natives heads, smashing them with boxes and generally navigating the land. This was meant to be a game where you end up seeing the consequences of disposing of the native enemies but the team instead has sworn to never create a physics based 2d platformer again. I wish them the best of luck.

Mirror Fall

Help the sugary T-Rex collect enough candy to save his kind on a weird mirror landscape. Basically keep the three bars full by collecting the right type of candy shown below, but it's mirrored so it isn't as easy as it makes out. And runs in browser!

Mood Jumper

Another HTML5 game but this time keep platforming to keep happy even as bad news comes and finds your unfortunate hide. A little buggy but some charming touches.

Animal Disco

First time group of randoms who came together and pushed out their first Game Jam game. Find the one person at the disco who can stand your presence and swap out body parts from the other party goers so you might have a chance with them. A tad buggy but that's to be expected.

3d Anaglyph Game

Yes it runs in browser, yes the solo team member is wearing shades in his photo, no you should not play this game as he is now blind from playing the game. Do not ask how he wrote this article you are currently reading.


Play 99 Problems (and blocks are all of them), Carry the Fire, The Floor is now Lava, Dandelion, Shootgunner, Forest and Dwarf Squad.

GameJam Diary – Mon Wk2

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Well, here we are after a weekend of working on the game.

We don’t have enough of a game, this weekend we worked out how to use unity’s physics engine to handle drawing the field and spawning. And I managed to figure out how to get two like blocks exploding on collision, three or more is still a work in progress.

However I have just been told that using the physics engine is the wrong direction -_- I’m going to see if I can prove them wrong, ducttape is king.

Now I need to get the model made, and pray to hell that this week goes according to plan.


Gamejam Diary – Wed Wk1

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Well, where have we gotten. Chris and I have tightened up the idea for the mechanics, unfortunately there is only so much we can do without a working model as we need to see that the gameplay works before dreaming up shit . I guess this only helps to avoid feature creep 😉

In terms of unity, i’m three quarters through the Lerpz tutorial and ive learnt a lot, apart from some slightly dodgy respawn code. The UI is hell powerful and sadly my lack of scripting knowledge will come back and kick me in the ass.

Days like this I wish I knew PyGame.

This weekend is planned to be a massive work session to get the game to alpha, however a matching color game may morph back into a adventure game. Time will tell… However our inabiliy to make assets would prove to be our downfall in that idea. Hence why we dodged it.

Also the pitch competition shits me off, we don’t have a target to pitch to, I guess this sums up all of Nullabour. Do we go with the sprawling epic of Scott and the Space Elevator, put forward a simple casual game, something innovative using GPS or hell, JellyCat!

God Knows…

Here we go again

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Hey Guys,

We have entered the GameJam! ( with Lightguard and Garlicbug being the co-conspirators at this stage of the game. We’re supposed to have a game out in Unity within two weeks.

Will we make it? God knows!